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Welcome to Budget in a Binder

Budget in a Binder is a Simple and Effective Money Management System that will
Set You FREE!!!

Tell me More!!!
You can learn how to incorporate the Budget in a Binder Money Management System by attending a live hands on training or by purchasing our system through this website and doing the home study course.

The live training course is a 5 hour course that is taught in two 2.5 hour sessions.


The 5 Hour Course Covers: 

  • What is a Budget and Why Do I Need One?

  • Getting Started on the Road to Financial Freedom

  • Figuring Out Your Monthly Income

  • Figuring Out Your Monthly Expenses

  • Budget Categories

  • Expense Worksheets

  • Summary of Expenses

  • What to Do When Expenses are More than Income

  • Putting Your Budget into Action

  • Helpful Receipt Tips

  • Money Managing Techniques

  • Paying Your Bills

  • Review of Creating a Budget

  • What is in Your Budget Binder?

  • Principles of Good Money Management

  • Understanding Your Credit

  • Money Saving Ideas

  • Question and Answer Session

General Overview of Course
The live training teaches you practical skills on how to create a budget and use it. It also teaches you how to then get more for the money you have, through teaching you skills on how to be savvier with your spending. The course is broken into two 2.5 hour sessions.

At the first session you work through a scenario of a fictitious family and their finances. The group together helps generate ideas on how this family could better use their resources and we build a budget for them. Attendees are then asked to record their spending for the next 4 weeks and at the 2nd session each participant works independently to create their own budget (while budget counselors “float” through the room to help and answer questions).

The rest of session two is dedicated to being a savvier consumer. We discuss everything from how to save money on groceries and eating out to understanding how your credit score is compiled and the basics of how to protect yourself from identity theft.

You will leave the course with a budget in your hand, the knowledge in your head of how to use it, and the organizational tools to keep it going.

If you live in the Chicagoland area, you can attend a course in person. If you are out of state you can purchase the step by step guide and the organizational binder and learn it in the privacy of your own home.

Thinking about your financial future? 
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